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Environmental Policies at Vidanta

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The Vidanta resorts are born out of the lush natural beauty of Mexico, and we consider it our responsibility and privilege to conserve that beauty. Since the company’s inception, we’ve incorporated eco-conscious practices into all aspects of how we operate. In 2004, we further cemented our commitment to environmental protection by bringing in EarthCheck, a third party that objectively audits our performance on a comprehensive list of green procedures and practices. Working under their guidelines, and as part of our corporate social responsibility practices, we’ve implemented rigorous conservation initiatives and have set strict success metrics.

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We are honored that this dedication has resulted in EarthCheck Platinum Certification—the highest level awarded, reserved for those companies that meet the most stringent of standards—for our resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Acapulco, and Gold Certification for Vidanta Los Cabos and Vidanta Puerto Peñasco.


Vidanta Riviera Maya is the only resort in Mexico and one of only 21 in the world to receive the EarthCheck Master Certification for 15 years of leading the way in sustainability.

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The following is a summary of some of the existing resort environmental procedures currently in place:


Water Management

We believe reducing and monitoring the water used throughout our resorts is one of the biggest ways we can conserve our valuable natural resources. Vidanta owns and operates water treatment facilities, which treat all dirty water from toilets, sinks, showers, kitchens, bars, laundry, and cleaning. Golf courses and gardens are only watered with treated water. Gardens are watered during the evening to prevent evaporation, and irrigation schedules are adjusted when it rains. We also monitor all water usage throughout the resorts so that we can react immediately and effectively in the case of leaks or burst pipes.


Energy Conservation

All of our staff are trained on energy-conserving procedures and implement them throughout their daily routine. This means that when rooms are not being used, the housekeeping staff turn off all lights and electronics, raise room temperatures to 22.5 C, light the premises using natural sunlight while they clean, and employ many other efforts to conserve energy. We use LED energy-efficient lighting throughout the resorts. And pool pumps, filter pumps, and cistern filling pumps are shut down temporarily throughout the day to reduce energy use.


Waste Management/Recycling

We started the Vidanta resorts on pristine stretches of land and we’re committed to keeping our environment clean and cared after. We’ve implemented comprehensive recycling programs across all of our destinations; in fact, approximately 46% of all resort waste is either recycled or turned into compost. Our staff manually sorts through trash to ensure all cardboard, wood, plastics, aluminum, crystal, and metals are recycled. And we employ worm composting to convert organic waste to fertilizers for our gardens and golf courses.


Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts

We operate turtle sanctuaries on three of our resorts—Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Acapulco. Each year, these sanctuaries protect sea turtle nests and ensure a safe journey from the shore to the water for hatchlings. We’ve released 376,842 turtles in just the last year!


Food Sustainability

With the goal of decreasing our carbon footprint and reliance on outside food, Vidanta founded Almaverde, our farm at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Almaverde currently yields over 65 types of all­ natural fruits and vegetables, which are used throughout the resort in meals for both guests and employees.


Staff and Guests

Vidanta staff is encouraged to act sustainably at work and at home through regular training courses that begin during new employee orientation. At least once every 6 months, all Vidanta Resorts staff receives environmental procedures and EarthCheck Certification refresher courses. Staff encourages guests to participate in green programs, including water conservation and reduction of energy use (e.g. ensuring faucets are tightly closed, eliminating unnecessary laundry, turning off lights before leaving the room), as well as the Turtle Conservation program.