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A Private World of Luxury

Meet the picture of perfection—sleek, contemporary luxury seated in the midst of the lush unfurling wilderness of Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. Find every high-end comfort you desire in this exquisite escape, and discover soul-nourishing serenity in this haven made just for you.

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The Estates Destinations

Experience the pristine luxury of The Estates in two breathtaking locations.


Nuevo Vallarta

The Estates at Nuevo Vallarta is located across the Ameca River from the rest of the resort’s towers, restaurants, and shops—and yet still easily and quickly accessible by resort transportation—this nature-immersed haven will offer jaw-dropping views of the Sierra Madre Mountains’ dusky peaks, its own lobby bar, restaurants, spa, gym, and pools with a stunning view of the neighboring verdant river valley.

Rivera Maya

In the depths of the Mayan jungle, an ancient mystique whispers through nature’s dense greenery and vibrant rainbow blooms. This is The Estates at Riviera Maya. The new high-end accommodations will be located in sleek and secluded three-story buildings, complete with its own lobby bar, restaurants, spa, gym, and pools picturesquely situated near two sprawling lakes.